Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My 'mommy group' friends

I had a great night out with girls who I met almost 4 years ago when James was a little baby. They are commonly referred to as my 'mommy group' friends and I just love them!

They are interesting, wonderful mommy's, good friends, fun and best of all I feel like they are really trying to understand what we are going through and have been very supportive along the way.

Anyways, it has been awhile since I have caught up with some of them so I briefly told them about what was going on with Gabrielle and where we were at with everything. Whenever I start talking about Gabrielle and her medical plans it's almost as if I go into a very business-like frame of mind and Gabrielle is no longer my daughter but I talk about her like I'm going to get my car fixed. However, with certain people in my life, and at certain times, I actually 'hear' my words and I am in total disbelief about our situation. Tonight was one such night. I heard my own words loud and clear "Gabrielle is going for a bone marrow transplant at the end of the month" and I almost choked on my own words and could feel the tears and my throat tightening and my voice quavering a bit. I managed to hold it together as we were at a restaurant and quite frankly, it's exhausting getting emotional so often so I was relieved that I didn't turn in to a wailing, sobbing mommy-mess.

Gabrielle will be 3 months on Thursday! Time is sure flying. Our sweet little girl is still wearing NB clothes and some up to 3 month clothes, and weighs almost what Michael weighed when he was born. She loves to eat, she is starting to coo and smile. It melts my heart everytime I see and hear her and I mean it melts. my. heart.

I have really appreciated their support throughout this whole experience. They have been wonderful friends and have given me time to just get out and pretend that nothing is happening, to laugh, to talk, to plan and to listen. Friends like these, nights like these, are part of whatI need to get through this experience in one piece.


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  1. Hello Ross family:

    What a great blog...love it! Hope things are going better with the pneumonia.....yikes...that is so scary and I hope things are still a go for the transplant...we will be thinking of you!

    Tara, Scott, Ethan 3(MLII) and Emma 15 mos.