Sunday, February 27, 2011

an update

Dear Gabrielle,

I finally have a quiet moment to update all our friends and family about you.  You are sleeping peacefully beside me and your dad and brothers have gone out to run some errands.  Three kids make for a very busy household.  The house is a disaster, I still haven't fed myself or had time to get showered and dressed.  At least I had time to have my coffee and wake up after a pretty busy night with you!  Amidst all the chaos, I wouldn't trade it in for anything.

We got a call from the BMT doctors and your date for your surgery is March 7th.  Originally we were told the 28th but now I get you home for another week.  You will have your central line put in first.  We will stay the night in hospital with you and the next day you will start your 10 days of chemotherapy.  Once the chemo is done they will give your body a day's rest and the next day will transplant.  Once your white blood cells come back up to a normal count we will all go home.  I was very upset when I was told that they had made a mistake on the dates because a big part of me wants to just get started so that we can get it over with.  Another part of me was so relieved to be able to put it off longer so that I can keep pretending that nothing is wrong.

Your brothers are so in love with you.  You are one lucky gal!  Michael continually wants to hold you in his arms and when he does he lays so still.  You should see how proud he looks to have you all to himself. The other day, the boys wanted to put you in the tiny baby stroller but I had to save you from that.  Thank goodness they aren't in charge around here, who knows what kind of activities they'd have you involved in!  Your big cousin Anna had to explain to James that he wasn't able to marry you because it was against the law. James was heartbroken as he had planned all the details of the wedding.  He even planned your outfits and the dinner you would have!  I told him that instead of marrying you he could look for a girl who had some of the same qualities - calm, tough and beautiful:)

You will be in the hospital for roughly 6-8 weeks best case scenario.  I can hardly bring myself to think about it without getting emotional.  We are going to make it through this Gabrielle and we will be by your side every step of the way.  Stay strong and brave like you have thus far.   Our hopes with this transplant is to get rid of your old cells and give your body some new cells that work more efficiently.  We hope these new cells will give you the opportunity to come home and enjoy the rest of your life the best way possible.

We love you Gabrielle.



  1. I love reading your updates but I cry the whole way through, I can't imagine how you feel...

  2. Calm, tough and beautiful, just like her mom. Hugs and prayers coming your way. Stay strong, everyone. You'll be in my thoughts in the coming months. You are all an inspiration!

  3. You do what you have to do, right Amy? Your beautiful daughter Gabrielle is a lucky girl to have such a wonderful family. Know that she will come through this procedure beautifully and it will be a success, giving her a better chance at living a quality life. Best wishes to you Amy, you are in my thoughts every day.
    love love love
    Janet Brine

  4. OK, so I've finally got my head out of my own life for a few minutes and realized just how amazing you guys are. Your positivity, honesty, and excitement about the little things is inspiring.

    Gabrielle is so lucky to have a family that cares so deeply for her. Keep strong, keep smiling, and keep crying when you need to.

    Love from across the water


  5. Hi Amy & Reagan,
    Your Sunday post was beautiful, Amy, as is that little princess in pink with the pink teddy bear. Your boys sound so proud of and in love with their little sister but I'm glad that Anna was able to provide them with the necessary legal advice. I think of you all often and keep sending positive warm thoughts up the street from here to you.
    Lots of love,

  6. Gabrielle is so lucky to have parents like you two. We always wonder
    how if we will be strong enough to handle what life throws our way - well
    you two prove that you just find the strength for someone you love.
    I'm so proud of the both of you!! I think of your family often and want
    you to know I'm willing and able to help if you need it. Love you all

  7. Just recently someone told me that God will only deal you what he knows you can handle. Amy, you are such an amazingly strong woman. If anyone can handle something like this, it's you - you will find a way to handle what life gives you. Stay strong. And please cry! If you need a shoulder, remember you have lots of support out there to lean on.