Saturday, March 12, 2011

Day minus 12

As you know Gabrielle had her line inserted yesterday afternoon.  She did really well and is still recovering from the procedure.  She seems to be really sore and uncomfortable, but the Tylenol seems to help her.  I'm not going to talk about how my heart is breaking, how shaken I was to see her line coming out of her little body and how it signaled the 'start' of her BMT, how lonely the house feels and how hard this journey is going to be for her, us and the two boys.  I am only going to focus on the positive and all the great things that happen while at the hospital.
So I here I go:
1.  I get to have as many Starbucks coffees without feeling guilty
2.  She made it through her first major surgery and in true Gabrielle fashion, came out from the O/R alert and pulling at the tubes and wires.
3.  I get to watch TV in the room.
4.  I get to ride on top of hospital beds through the hallways
5.  I don't have to worry about the boys being sick anymore and spreading their germs to Gabrielle!
6.  I get to buy food in the cafeteria and the restaurants (although that novelty wears off really fast!).
7.  I get to spend all my time with Gabrielle
8.  She has access to the best medical care ever!
9.  I am starting to recognize so many of the doctors faces when I walk down the hallway and I know my way around the entire hospital!!!
10.  I get to alternate from hospital bed and then back to our bed at home
11.  I get to meet lots of interesting nurses, doctors, and other patients.
12.  I learn about 'perspective' every day
13.  I'm learning lots about hospitals and how they work with their Pediatricians, Fellows, Sr Residents, Jr Residents, Medical Students and Nurses.  As a result, I really want my kids to become doctors.  An amazing career!
14.  My boys get to come and visit Gabrielle at the hospital which they absolutely love doing!
15.  I have learned to appreciate every minute with my boys, even when they're whining and we're exhausted!

Tomorrow is the last day before her first day of Chemotherapy treatment which is coined Day minus 10.  Day 0 will be transplant day.  Although, I know the journey will be tough for our little Gabrielle, I have faith that she will fight her way through.

You are always on my mind Gabrielle.  I love you.


  1. Great to hear Gabrielle is doing so well and you're focusing on the positive! We're praying for you all!

  2. 1. I have the best daughter-in-law ever!
    2. I have the best son ever!
    3. My grandaughter "is" an angle sent by God!
    4. Jimmie and Michael are awesome little boys!
    5. I can't wait to see you in 11 more sleeps!
    6. I love you all more than 'infinity and back again'!

    God bless you all! Grandma Do

  3. 1. I love going to visit Gabrielle in the hospital, it is a great time to cuddle and no one interrupts you and it reminds me of when I nursed and my life before kids!
    2. I have the best sister and brother-in-law EVER!!
    3. I love that James comes to my house and fits in like my own!
    4. I'm glad that I live close to my sister and can help whenever possible
    5. I love to hear Gabrielle when she plays and coos on her play mat
    6. i love how many people are supporting Amy and Regan and it warms my heart to know how kind and thoughtful sooooo many of their friends and family are!

    Love you guys,
    Julie xoxoxo

  4. 1. I love seeing how strong you can be as a couple
    2. I too love having James come to play and fit in like one of my boys
    3. I love Gabrielle's trusting little eyes and gentle voice
    4. I love her quiet strength
    5. I am glad we live close and can be a part of this journey

    Love to all

  5. I am truly inspired by how much strength and courage you guys show in such a difficult situation. You are so lucky to have so many wonderful people around you, mostly your precious children. Take Care Nadia