Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Showing Up

I remember reading once how the only other animal species more 'social' than us humans is the K-9 species. When I read that I thought of the movie Cast Away and how Tom Hanks' character's need to be with someone was so great that he turned his volleyball into Wilson. I'm sure there's been thousands of people through the ages who have done similar things.

I don't think it's what we say to one another that really matters, I think it's how our being there makes one another feel. Maybe that's why so many of us have and love our pets. They don't need to say anything. They simply show up. They love us unconditionally. So do babies. So do kids. They love us unconditionally if we show up ... and not necessarily all the time.

Sometimes I think our oft awkward words get in the way of our good intentions.

Writing this makes me think of Never Cry Wolf and the bond Farley Mowat developed with his furry friends. They didn't speak a 'word' to one another, yet bonds were definitely developed. He showed up. Again and again and again with very good intentions. And they took him in. With unlimited positive regard.

I think that's what love and friendship and family is all about. Showing up. With good intentions.

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