Thursday, May 19, 2011

Day+58 Update

It's been over 2 months now that we've been at BC Children's hospital and I have to say, it really feels like our second home.  I continue to make my way around the floor as if I live there, helping myself to the medical supplies in the 'private' room, teaching some of the nurses how to use some of Gabrielle's equipment, and feeling as if our room is our little home on the unit.  We have gotten to know our neighbours, James and Michael love to play with some of the 'patients' and siblings in the playroom and you can often find James riding the bicycle in circles around the floor.

I am also really getting the sense that Gabrielle is getting close to being discharged.  Her lungs are improving and it is looking like her respiratory condition is caused by the coronavirus and not GVHD (graft versus host disease) which is very good news.  I am also getting the sense that the all-day-long cuddles are just not cutting it anymore and that she is in fact looking for her extremely-noisy-and-energetic brothers to entertain her.  Yes, I think Gabrielle is getting better.  The discharge process takes a couple of weeks as they need to train 'Nurse Amy' how to take care of Gabrielle at home.  I will be doing dressing changes for her central line, cap changes, heparin flushes as well as all the care for her NG tube. They are also getting oxygen therapy organized for our home (which entails a sleep study while in the hospital, house inspection and a whole bunch of paperwork!).

This week we had an amazing family night with the boys at the Vancouver Aquarium.  It was a very special "Dreamnight" where they opened the Aquarium up for only the families at the hospital.  Gabrielle had a fun visit with her grandparents while we took the boys out and enjoyed some time together.

I'm completely exhausted.

I can't wait to start at home with Gabrielle.


  1. I so hope that Gabrielle continues to improve everyday and that you finally get to take her home!!!!! Thinking about you guys!!!!

  2. My heart soars just to think Gabby is on the road to getting home. I am cautiously optimistic. Michael is as cute as a button and who says he can't lay still. What adorable Grandchildren we have.

  3. So excited for the day you bring your dear daughter home to her family!
    Much love, hugs and kisses from all of us...xoxo

  4. I love the video! How sweet little Michael is.... how many kids his age have the word "hopital" in their vocabulary!! sooooo cute! lol!
    And Gabrielle looks very excited to be getting so much attention from her brother!!