Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Canuck Place

On our second night at Canuck Place, I can't help but feel so relaxed and taken care of.  I never want to leave.

Some of our highlights so far:

Proper sleep.  We don't hear sat monitors beeping off, the loud hospital door opening and closing, and nebulizers at 2 am.

Gabrielle has a huge room the size of our living room at home full of windows and fresh air.  Airy, fresh and feels much better than the hospital.

Gabrielle has her own nurse all the time and the 1-1 nursing is meant for the whole family, meaning it gives Regan and I some time to talk, catch up and maybe even sleep!

I have this really cool old fashion pram that I can put Gabrielle in and take her all over the house.  Their rendition of 'isolation' is much more relaxed then at the hospital where we couldn't even leave our room.

Most importantly...I get to have my whole family under the same roof together...and it is awesome!


  1. Sounds exactly like what you needed!! xo

  2. So glad you guys are getting to enjoy some time all together!!!

  3. That is great news, so happy for your family

  4. so glad for a place like this but at the same time wish more than anything you guys didn't need to stay. love you guys,