Sunday, August 14, 2011

10 month milestone, sleepovers and haircuts

Happy 10 month birthday (yesterday) Gabrielle!  A snapshot of you at 10 months ...

  • You love your soother.  I could sit and stare at you for hours as you so eloquently maneuver your soother in and out of your mouth as you sleep.  What a source of comfort that little thing has been to you.
  • You love to talk and have just started making that noise with your tongue against the roof of your mouth
  • I love how you smile your big gummy smile when I pick you up our of your crib
  • You are still so calm.  You only fuss when you are hungry or exhausted, but still even then, you fuss so beautifully.
  • You are starting to roll from side to side to reach for toys.  You are getting stronger and when I hold you up with your feet on the ground, you are starting to bear weight on your legs.
  • You love your food - you don't eat too much but I love how you squish the food around in your mouth before swallowing.
  • You love music and you love being danced around the room with your dad.
  • You love sitting in your blue chair so you can watch all the action going on around you and you also love going for walks outside.
  • You love to 'wrestle' with your dad and squeal with delight when we play with you.

I cherish every single day with you Gabrielle.

On the same day that you turned 10 months, your brothers also had some excitement in their lives.

Your big brother James had his first sleepover at his Auntie and Uncle's house.  It wasn't as successful as you would have thought as Auntie Julie had to crawl into bed with him at 3 am.   He was so proud of himself the next morning thinking sleepovers aren't so bad as your mom comes in the middle of the night to sleep with you (ask his very groggy Auntie how it went, who to him, looked 'different' the next morning - gee I wonder why!).  I don't think we'll have a sleepover for a while...

James and his two cousins fast asleep

Your brother Michael finally got his haircut today and now looks like such a big boy:(  His hair was so long I could have put pig tails in his hair.  Getting his hair cut was no easy task.  I had to keep him pinned on my lap while they cut and I left the barber's covered in more hair then him.  He cried so much and zonkered himself out so much so, that he went to bed at 4pm.

A full moon, a calm, beautiful 10 month old girl, a big boy at his first sleepover and a tuckered out 2 year old in bed made for a lovely, and enjoyable evening on your 10 month birthday.

I love you my sweet Gabrielle.


  1. Happy 10 months Gabrielle!! I love how nicely you're sitting for your picture and especially love your smile! I love how you reach for my face when I come to say hi and kiss your chubby and oh-so-kissable cheeks!!
    Love Auntie Julie xoxo
    (and yes, there will be no more Jimmy sleepovers for a while! that was way tooooo exhausting! lol! my beauty sleep is much more of a requirement now that my kids are older!! :))

  2. Happy 10 months Gabrielle!!!!! I look forward to visiting you when I get home!!!!!

  3. Happy 10 months Gabrielle! What a beautiful girl you are. I love the picture of you in your dress.

    Loved the stories of James & Michael. They made me laugh out loud!

    xo Julie

  4. Happy Birthday sweet Gabrielle. I look forward to meeting you. You and your parents inspire me to live and love better every day.

  5. She looks so beautiful in her dress! Happy 10 months sweetie pie! xoxo