Monday, August 8, 2011

Laughter #6 ~ Animal Hijackers

I haven't added a Laughter Post in a while.

The other day Amy and I were at the beach with the boys and Gabrielle for fish and chips (pictures coming). As we walked along with our food, looking for a spot to eat, we couldn't help but laugh at the beach newbies who thought nothing of giving a bit of food to "just one" seagull. We knew to keep walking before it happened, and I don't know how the legion of seagulls know when it's time to charge (like is there a seagull in the sky with a bugle or something?), but by the time we had found our spot a good ways aways, we could see that the couple's one chip (to one seagull) had totally changed their wonderful dinner at the beach from a night of sunset soaking and conversation, to seagull feeding and food protecting. We laughed from a distance. Rookies.

But this video of South African highways takes animal hijacking to a whole new level, and if you think it's staged, I embedded some other clips of the highway robbers in action:


The best is when the guys says, "Dude!" in this one:

I love when she says "This is not happening!" in this one:

... and then the horror in her voice when she realizes the pizza's gone.

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