Monday, August 29, 2011

Summer with Gabrielle (a video)

As per our July 22 post, we've been doing our best to focus on all the good things this summer home with Gabrielle. While the cold, harsh realities sometimes creep into the forefront, the song in the video, and all sorts of other things, remind us that 
everything is the way it is
And everything is perfect in their imperfections
And everything is placed the best
And it is now, and it is here
And tomorrow is another now
Waiting to happen
While we're endeavouring to savour and save as many wonderful moments as we can through pictures and videos, things are always a little bit better when you share them. Enjoy.

To support a great band, download When It Flows, by the Great Lake Swimmers.  


  1. Wow....I think I'll have what Tom Cruise is having for the past 20 years.....not so much Kellie are you all? Thanks so much Amy for your message and I hope that this one finds you doing alright. I had a bad week missing Ethan and dealing with the "realities" of I-cell disease for us parents. I've also read of another I-cell child on the way for a sweet family that already has a daughter affected that is around Emma and Mikey's age. So today I feel lucky and blessed. Glad to hear about your summer with Gabrielle....she looks great. Don't worry about how much she eats and don't let any doc. pressure you about it.....really she looks wonderful and these kids eat what they want....they truly know their bodies and their growth better than anyone! Love to the whole family!

  2. Loved sharing in your beautiful family's joy! Thanks for sharing and I will pray for your continued grace!
    Much Love from the Haggett Family :)

  3. I was so happy to see your post! I loved to watch the love and joy that seem to be within and all around your family!
    Love Rebecca

  4. Thanks for sharing the video! Gabrielle looks like she's enjoying her brothers and cousins immensely. My granddaughter, Amber, has been having a real good couple of months but we keep forgetting to turn the video camera on!! So glad you do!

  5. Simply beautiful! We really enjoyed watching!

    Julie & Kendall

  6. So cute, Regan! It's been a fun summer, mostly because Gabrielle is home and able to enjoy it!

  7. @ Everyone, thanks for the comments you guys ... always nice to know that people appreciate when you share things.

    @ warriormom, it's all iPhone footage (there's a plug Apple)

    @ Tara, we can't wait to have you stay with us ... and maybe one day later, we can time a Twin City visit so Scott and I can go to an Oilers v. Wild game.