Friday, September 23, 2011

Team Gabrielle - $10,300 for canuck place!

What an absolutely amazing day I had last Sunday as the four of us competed in the Canuck Place Adventure Challenge.  A super big THANK YOU to the three girls: my sister Julie, and friends Nadia and Adrienne for sharing in this incredibly special day with me.  Thank you for organizing the t-shirts, the flashy accessories, the super awesome road bike, and for pulling me across the finish line (that trail run was a killer)!!  I loved every single minute of it!!!  I even woke up this Wednesday longing for a killer workout at Innovative Fitness with Isabelle (the best workouts ever!).

Thank you to every single person who sponsored us for this event.  I feel so lucky and blessed to have so many family and friends who are supporting us on our journey.  I've said it once and I'll say it again, Canuck Place is amazing.  As a friend put it the other day, even the people who don't work directly with the kids ooze with love and positivity.

When you've got three kids under the age of 4 with one requiring lots of attention, an event like this would be impossible to do if you didn't have the support from your husband.  Regan, thank you for knowing me so well and encouraging me to do the things I love despite our crazy-busy life at home.

The absolute best part of the race was coming across the finish line and seeing my sweet angel Gabrielle waiting for us.  Thank you Gabrielle for inspiring me and teaching me to never give up and to keep going no matter what the challenge.


  1. It was an awesome experience!!! I am so glad I got to do it with you!!! I totally agree the best part of the race was seeing Baby Gabrielle at the end, it really reinforced why we were there in the first place!!!!! So proud of you for taking on this challenge!!!!