Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Random Fall 2011 Photos

Gabrielle with her new winter coat! Thanks G&G! 

Dad and Gabrielle on 1-Year Birthday Celebration

Grandma Do & Grandpa David with Jimmy & Micky 

Gabrielle's first NHL hockey game (loved it). Thanks Thorntons!

Gabrielle with a magic princess on Halloween (Grandma Jane) 

Gabrielle with Mommy, taking care of her as usual.

"Papa" throwing Micky sky high 

Amy and the kids

Jimmy's pre-school field trip

Gabrielle blowing out her 1-year-old birthday candles


  1. Gabrielle, you look so cute in your new coat.

    Micky looks so graceful, he looks like he's practicing The Lift move from the movie Dirty Dancing haha!

  2. Elena, we miss you!!

    Indeed, Micky looks like the Dirty Dancing girl.

  3. @ Elena - I know exactly the move you're referring to on Dirty Dancing - hilarious!

    FYI: Micky was outside today riding his strider bike and I heard him calling your name "Ellllllleeeeennnnnaaaa". so cute.

  4. Brings back great memories. Miss you all.