Friday, December 23, 2011

Happy Holidays Love the Ross Family!

Again, we have simply had too much on our plate to send out Christmas cards (I'll be honest, I never have, but Amy's definitely been too busy), so this will have to do. We think about our family, friends, and new friends that we've met since Gabrielle's been born, and wish you all the merriest Christmas.

Huge fireplace in loung at Harrison Hot Springs for our
1-night getaway (thanks Wayne & Jane for watching the kids).

Jimmy, Gabrielle, and Daddy for the super-big-for-real hockey game at Canuck Place.

Micky looking at the nativity scene while Papa gives is inaugural address
as the new Mayor of White Rock.

Jimmy learning how to skate all on his own.


Nurse Delta, Mommy, and Gabrielle at the start of a night shift.

The boys.

Gabrielle eating a Xmas chocolate ... life's too short, no?

The Ross kids, Christmas 2011, White Rock, BC.

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  1. Beautiful pics, there's so much life in them. Love the one of Gabby, she looks caught in the act..."What chocolate? I have no idea what you're talking about".