Monday, January 16, 2012

One happy little girl

We made it home after one week of intense hospital care and no one was happier than Gabrielle.  

Last Monday, Gabrielle was so sick, and after testing found she was infected with the para-flu and a secondary infection in her lung.  It seems that Gabrielle's right lung is quite weak, and any and all infections seem to cause her upper right lobe to collapse making breathing quite laboured and tiring.  Our first night in the hospital was very stressful as we increased her O2 to 2 litres (2 litres of O2 is the most aggressive they can be on the floor before sending you down to ICU where they put you on high flow or bi-pap) and she kept having big desats into the low 60's.  I was one absolutely terrified and heart broken mamma.  Thank goodness for the most wonderful nurse who was very aggressive and pro-active in our first night there not to mention incredibly kind and caring rubbing my back and offering me peppermint tea at 2 in the morning.  You have no idea how grateful I am.

Every day Gabrielle got a wee bit better and was seen and visited by all her doctors and nurses at BCCH and even had some visitors from Canuck Place:)  Gabrielle you are one loved little girl.

We have so much to be grateful for.  We have more time with our little girl.  Thank you to everyone who helped us this week.  Thank you again to the nurses and doctors of 3M and to the team on 3B.   Thank you to our family who helped us as we juggled everything this week, it was busy and with your help we were able to pull it off.

As I write Gabrielle is sound asleep in her bed and was all smiles before drifting off.  Sweet dreams baby girl.  How amazing to have all three of my babies together again.

Here are some memories from the week:

Tired brothers

Tired sister sunbathing in the sun


  1. Praises Amy, I'm so glad to hear this awesome news! So very cool :) Thank you for sharing the good news.

    Send my love to Grabrielle and the rest.
    PS, we should get together in the Spring for another fun shoot, again my treat.

  2. Destiny and I are thinking of you all!! you are all amazing =) *hugs* ! (friends from CP)

  3. Amy she is so beautiful! I spoke with Sue Fisher, your NSS coordinator, who also works with some of my kids and she had so many wonderful things to say about you and Reagan and your whole family. If you're ever at the CDC please bring your little angel and come say hi!
    thinking of you
    Jen Copp

  4. Great pictures and I love the video, she is sleeping so peacefully - such a beautiful feeling!

  5. So glad to hear Gabrielle and the whole family is home again. Amy and Reagan, I hope your sleep is as sound as hers tonight. Thanks for sharing.

  6. it was too bad both our boys were sick all week, missed being able to visit but am so glad to hear she's back and things returning to 'normal'. see you guys soon xo