Saturday, February 4, 2012

Canuck Place Family Skate

On January 23rd after one of Gabrielle's appointments at Children's we had the opportunity to go for a skate at Roger's Arena with other Canuck Place families.  We had such a great time!  Here is a write up and pictures from the Canuck website about the event featuring the Ross family:)

Thank you Canuck Place!!!


- Since our last Canuck hockey game when Finn 'ate' James's head, Michael has been obsessed with Finn.  Running around the house with his mouth open pretending to eat our heads like Finn does, he finally came face to face with him on the ice.  So funny!
- Watching James in his 20 minute private skating lesson with Keith Ballard.
- Watching Finn skate Gabrielle around the ice in her stroller.  She loved it!
- Watching Finn push James around in the big yellow buckets they use at the games.  We were all laughing.
- Catching up with some of the volunteers, staff and families who we just love!
- Meeting Keith Ballard and Dale Weise and having a great conversation out to the car park with Weise (nice guy btw!).

The following night we got tickets to the hockey game against the Oilers, and Regan the amazing husband that he is, insisted I go despite it being his favourite hockey team in the world (Oilers that is!).   Such a fun night - thanks again to Canuck Place for the tickets, we had many laughs and a great time getting out of the house!

Go Canucks!

Thumbs down Oilers!


  1. So great to see all the smiles

  2. Well, if Michael isn't a hockey player when he grows up, he will be a "Finn"!! lol! Good story on the Canuck website! Very cool!
    And I think we need to get out more! We look waaaaay too happy :) Thanks Regan and Canuck Place for a fun night out!
    Love you,
    Auntie Julie