Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Our Own Paths

At the end of the day, we're born into this world alone, and we leave this world alone.

Like a lone spider on the sidewalk whose fate we hold with the placement of a step,

Our lives are so much the same ... but our fate is usually less bleak.

Our lives are our own. We are born into them and leave them all on our own.

It's simple stuff. But sometimes I think we fuzzy what's ours with what's everyone else's.

We often fall trap to illusions and expectations. Rightfully and wrongfully.

And we readily forfeit from consciousness our end.

Oh! the myth of mortal perpetuity.

But we will die.

. . .

In this life,

In our human life,

We are on our own path,

And so is everyone else.

No matter what anyone says:
  •    "I'll always be by your side." 
  •    "I'll never leave you."
  •    "Soul mates forever."
The truth is that these are agreements and commitments about time spent.

Agreements about companionship.  Agreements about who we want to touch while on our own individual paths.

Companionship by choice.

And yes, sometimes circumstance makes these agreements.


Nevertheless, the reality is that our lives with others are paths crossing – intersecting for a night, or for a life-time.

 . . .

I've come to realize these things in our time with Gabrielle, my daughter who will only be with us for a short time.

Our life paths start and end.

They are our own.

We share them with other people who are on their own path.

Sometimes with those whom we love.

Sometimes not.

Regardless, though, as we intersect, we reap rewards and pay prices.

We learn. We learn who is worth staying with. Who is worth leaving. Who is worth trusting. Who is worth avoiding.

We learn so much from one another in our lives.

From everyone and everything.

Who we are is the result of our intersections with other people's lives.

Just you.

Just me.

Just that random person you chose to talk to today.

Everyone journeying. On and on.

For reasons we may or may not ever know.

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  1. I'll always be grateful my path intersected with yours and Amy's... you both have enriched my journey :-)