Thursday, March 29, 2012

Big Brother James

James has all the patience in the world for his little sister Gabrielle.  He is an amazing big brother.

I think of the journey we've been on in the past year in a half and I marvel at how much we've learned through Gabrielle.  But, I often forget that James and Michael have also been on their own journey.

James is a very different boy then he was 6 months ago.  He talks about things that some 60 year olds probably don't even ponder.  He is lucky.

On the same hand, it breaks my heart to hear him ask these questions about Gabrielle and talk about his own mortality.  I don't know many 5 year old that think about these things.

I want to protect him from sadness and pain but I know how lucky he is to have a sister like Gabrielle.  He is also gaining wisdom and strength at such a young age, and is learning so much.

I want to teach him through this that even though there is lots of sadness, there is so much joy, happiness and love and it surrounds you wherever you are.  You don't buy it.  You don't travel far distances to find it.  It's in you and it's all around you.

Big brother James, you are amazing.  I love you my little man.


  1. He is a wonderful big brother and a fabulous cousin/nephew to us. So wise beyond his years. They look adorable together! xoxo

  2. Those are the most precious photos! Gabrielle is very lucky to have such wonderful big brothers :)