Saturday, March 3, 2012

Everything Is Motion

Everything is motion.

There's no such thing as time – it's a construct we've created to help us survive,

And understand the moment-by-moment realities of the earth spinning round and round the sun.

Cancer is, quite literally, cellular duplication in motion.

I-Cell disease is enzymatic misfiring in motion.

Love and hate are feelings and being in motion.

What you're thinking – as you read this – is thought in motion.

The world is in motion.

The universe is matter in motion.

Atoms and galaxies in motion.

That's it.  How could it be anything different?

There is no "time" as we know it.

Just matter in motion. In space-time.

Minds in motion.

And while there's something far greater than what we're doing day-in / day-out ... we'll never be able to comprehend it's trueness in this life,

Right now, in this dimension, all we got for sure is motion.

It's the old faithful that won't go away.

It's crazy if you think about it.

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