Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Memories from Spring

As the sun starts to make an appearance and the weather starts to warm up, I feel myself starting to relax about colds and flus.  This is such an exciting time of year.  A time of renewal, energy, and growth.   We've had a healthy (so far!) and busy spring.  Here are a few memories I want to remember.  One memory I want to forever cherish happened yesterday when I opened the dryer and saw a dryer full of pink, purple, white and blues.  What a sight.  I love my little girl.
Lots of walks in the sunshine


Hanging with Dad before my bath

A long day of hospital appointments

I love my daddy

Getting ready for bath time with my nurse

Hanging outside in the backyard

I love my brother Mickey

Easter treats from Papa

Lots of cuddles with my mom

My brother James playing 'doctor'

Happy 18 month birthday!

My brother James's first soccer game

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  1. I read your post, then started in on folding my own basket full of pink, purple and red laundry .... and then paused and realized how much I was savoring and enjoying the privledge of having such a basket to fold:-) Thank you so very much for the reminder that even these mundane little chores are a wondrfull reminder of how all aspects of having our children are a blessing.