Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day Amy

You are the best mom a man could ever want for his kids. You are dedicated, loving, playful, and wonderful.

You always make our kids your number one priority, and Gabrielle is the most incredible example. You have her oxygen sat machine by your bedside table and respond to it all night and every night. You dutifully ensure her meds are given every morning and every night, her central line thoroughly cared for to prevent infection, and tirelessly work with doctors, nurses, and health professionals to make sure she is happy and as comfortable as she can be. You go to bed every night wishing you could have done more, especially for the boys ... who love you to bits. When the hockey game is on, with 5 minutes left in the third period, you're thinking about how you can be a better mom for your kids, and can't understand why I'm not. You are the most dedicated mother I have ever met.

Every mother loves their kids, but not every mother is loving. Your heart is so big and so wide-open for our children that I sometimes wonder how you do it. Sure you need your down time here and there, but you always come out of it wanting to cuddle, kiss, and care for all of your kids. Your heart has no bounds, and you have filled this house full of love with it.

It's one thing to see your kids being cared for by their mommy, it's a complete other to see them playing with you, with belly-jiggling laughs that ripple through the house like a sunny day, even when there's not much sunny about the day or the circumstance. From random giggles to silly voices and sports games, you make our kids laugh and smile and feel good about themselves, and there's no way you can quantify that. It lightens life, and makes us all feel like a million bucks.

You are just that: absolutely wonderful, and the best mommy our kids could have. No one could replace you and have the same amazing combination of strength, beauty, loyalty, and everything else. We love you Amy. You are wonderful. Thanks for being you.


  1. Happy Mother's Day Amy. there is one more thing: You are also an inspiration to other moms. You are an example of a mom who has it all, gives it all with such great humility and grace. XO.

  2. Okay Regan I am all Teary again!!!!!! You are a lucky man!!!!

  3. awww...thanks all of you and thanks Regan for the nicest words ever. xxoo