Wednesday, June 13, 2012

20 month snapshot

My sweet Gabrielle!  You are getting so big and changing so much these past few months.  It's like you've had a huge development explosion and are starting to demand new experiences and opportunities to learn and grow.  You are just itching to move around and my heart aches for you as I know you really want to jump up and go and explore.

What I love most is that even though you can't move, you signal to us by moving your body in the directions that you want to move.  I am so happy we found a walker that you can move around in.  You only go backwards at the moment but your face lights up as you move from room to room.  I will never forget the first day we put you in it and every time you moved your dad, and your two brothers and I hooted and hollered and clapped for you.  You were all smiles and the four of us were so proud and happy for you.

You are so smart.  You are so social and I love how you light up when people come and talk to you.  You love all the attention and you have so much to say.

We put you in your stander for the first time the other day and once we figured out how to make it comfortable for you, you loved the viewpoint it provided.  You stood tall and played with your books and puzzles while the rest of us laughed and clapped for you.  You loved being a big girl standing beside your brothers.  You were beaming Gabrielle.

Happy 20 month milestone beautiful girl.  We love you and are so proud of you.


  1. Wow does that ever light up your eyes!! Good for you Gabby!! So proud of you!
    Love Auntie Julie

  2. This is so amazing to see!!! I love the first photo seeing her standing to look at books!! Happy tears for Gabby!!! Xoxo

  3. I love how our perspective changes with the gift of an I-cell baby. We tend to see the limitations and they just compensate so amazingly because they don't know anything different. She looks so happy to be in the stander!

  4. You must be so proud of her! She is an amazing little girl who is blessed to have such a fanatastic and amazing family. God be with you all.