Sunday, July 15, 2012

July 15th ~ Gabrielle Update

About 18 hours ago we had to take Gabrielle to BC Children's Hospital as the level of care we were able to provide at home just wasn't enough. We were admitted to a low-urgency ward of the hospital, and the doctors began an aggressive med regiment to nip this in the bud. Thank God they know her so well here.

Gabby's status is definitely not worthy of being sent to the ICU, so that's awesome. She is, however, struggling to breath when the mucus builds up and the coughing attacks hit. It's definitely some form of bronchiolitis. In my opinion, she just needs some straight, deep sleep. It's 5:00AM now and she's maybe had 90 minutes the whole night – then she wakes up and we have to suction the mucus plugs out that are preventing her from breathing... and sleeping. Argh.

Taking away some positives: Gabby had her first bath (since March 2011) without a central line yesterday. It was a nice break from the hospital bed and just wonderful to see her eyes light up whenever she splashed the water.  Amazing how much children – especially I-cell children – can teach us about living in the moment.


  1. Look at how happy she looks in the tub! Thanks for the update. I've been thinking about you guys all day. I bet Gabrielle, James and Michael are excited to meet their new sibling! I certainly am! xoxo Julie

  2. That picture just made my day- best smile ever!

    Elena xoxoxo