Monday, September 17, 2012

Gabrielle's new wheels!

This morning we made a trip up north to the CDC (The Center for Child Development) in Surrey.  This center provides many services and support for children with complex and severe disabilities.  Today we got to pick up Gabrielle's brand new, custom made stroller.  The equipment team worked for 2 hours to tweak and re-tweak all the supports on her stroller so that it fit her tiny little body just perfectly.

We are so lucky to have access to all the services and supports that we get so that our daughter can be comfortable and live her best life possible.

Here are a few pictures of Gabrielle's stroller 'fitting' from today.


  1. Grandma can't wait to push you in your new stroller
    when we go pick up James after Kindergarten

  2. She looks so happy with her new wheels! We are so blessed to be living in Canada.

  3. Holy cow, how cool is that! In that last pic she's like "yeah, check out my new ride y'all". You should pimp it out with stuffies and ribbons, she totally needs a bell too.