Sunday, September 9, 2012

Summer Update 2012

Our 'happy' summer months have come and gone and we got to enjoy another summer with our daughter Gabrielle.  We ended up spending 12 days in the hospital as she was sick with paraflu and at the same time Jonathan was born.  It was a very exhausting, emotional week but with the help of our families we made it through.  Gabrielle was discharged on heavy amounts of steroids and we spent a very miserable and tiring first week at home.  Fortunately, we were able to go to Canuck Place for some desperately needed family respite time.  It was so great to see our CP family and they all enjoyed cuddles with Jonathan while I slept up in our room.  It was a win win.  Gabrielle was very busy with all the volunteers and every time I saw her she was doing a different activity around the house.  She is so grown up!

Meeting my brother for the first time.  I think I like him:)

First family picture.  Me, my mom and dad and Jonathan were all in the hospital together!
Home from the hospital and lots of time spent in the backyard

Some respite family time at Canuck Place

So happy and feeling good!

Mickey's 3rd birthday party

Lots of cuddles with Papa
Showing off my new bathing suit to my cousin Sarah

Swimming for the first time ever!!!!

Hanging on the deck with baby Jonathan

Visit with Auntie Tara

The mini golf cheering squad
The mini golfers (minus James)
22 months old - August 13th
I'm still bigger then him:) 

Evening walks with my brothers

Walking James to his first day of Kindergarten! I'm going to miss having him at home with me!

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  1. Lovely family memories!! Thank you for sharing