Thursday, January 10, 2013

Prayers for Gabby

I have a quick minute to update.

Raced here early this morning after Regan called at 6:45 am for me to get here quick as they were headed to the ICU.  With a big desat to the 40's and a heart rate in the 200's the team had to quickly bag her to bring her oxygen to the 80's and slowly she recovered.  She still has a temperature and has had one for the last 10 days.  Her heart rate continues to be high and she's sitting at a liter and a half of 02.  An x-ray taken last night shows some patchy spots in her lungs.  They tried to do an NPW this morning but it started a heavy nose bleed and they had to stop.  We still are unsure of the virus she has.  ENT is coming to look at her today as well as neurology.  The most disconcerting thing right now is her twitching, body shakes and loss of consciousness for moments at a time.  Although feeling miserably, Gabby without a doubt, manages to smile at everyone that walks in the room.  Her spirit is amazing.

It has helped before and it can help again.  All your thoughts and love are felt near and far.



  1. How is it possible that these I-cell kiddos go through all they do, and in the worst of it - still they smile?!?! God bless you, sweet Gabby, and may He strengthen and heal your body while He keeps that fighting spirit strong. Praying for all of you tonight.

  2. Aiden and I are praying for both of you that you may feel God's strength and for Gabby that He may bring healing to her.
    Love to you all!

  3. We are all praying and thinking positive thoughts Gabrielle. We hope you are feeling better soon and at home surrounded by your family.
    Hugs Amy & Regan, we love you.

  4. We just put our three to bed with tighter hugs and extra prayers for your family tonight Amy! God bless you all!
    Erin and Scott

  5. I read your update to the family and our hearts are all with you. Glad to here she's still smiling and we are praying for the best. Love you all <3
    Chelsea, Karen, Paul, Keaton, and Shaelynn xoxo