Thursday, June 6, 2013

A Prayer for Gabby If You Will

Please say a prayer for Gabrielle tonight. She's fighting hard right now and we're doing everything we can as a family to lift her spirits and fill her heart (and lungs) with love and health and energy.

Right now Amy is reading her a story by a sun-lit window and she can hear her brothers enthusiastically playing tether ball outside in the court yard.


  1. My dearest Regan. Your post tonight really touched my heart. The use of the word palliative to describe your daughter was such a jolt to read that it compelled me to write you a message to let you know that you, Gabby's Daddy, are in my prayers.

    Two years ago, my dad was dying from lung cancer that spread to his bones and painfully consumed his whole body. My aunt shared the exact same Winnie the Pooh quote with me as our family was managing his 24/7 care at home. My biggest concern every minute of every day was protecting my dad from the pokes, prods, bumpy ambulance transfers and degradation he endured while being treated by medical professionals who didn't understand palliative care. Watching a loved one be fearful that someone is going to hurt them is like unexplainable torture. I am so relieved to hear that Gabby is in the right place.

    I am continually amazed by your positivity and inspired by the depth of love for your family. When you became a dad, the world became a better place.

    Sending you and your family love and prayers.

  2. Our family is praying for you guys Regan, have been for the past number of days every morning with the kids. Let us know if there is anything we can do at all . . . Seriously. Don't hesitate. I can be there in a flash if you would like a pastoral presence. Kids can come here, whatever you need. Right now just know our hearts couldn't go out to you more. We're so thankful for Gabby.

    (Judah's Dad)
    Associate Pastor
    White Rock Baptist Church

  3. Thinking and Praying for you Regan & Amy. My heart goes out to you and the boys during these days of hope.

    Lots of love and many prayers

    Matt & Allison Brennan

  4. Hello Regan and Amy,
    I am a former colleague of Doreen's from VG school. She gave several of her former colleagues a picture of your lovely Gabrielle. I have been following your blogs and daily saying a little prayer for all of you and will continue to do so.

    Denise Gauthier