Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween ramblings.

My three boys get to celebrate Halloween this year.  Gabrielle will not join us and we miss her.  We carved a big heart in her pumpkin and we have been remembering all of our Halloween's with her.  James said this morning on our way to school, "Mom, it feels different this year.  It doesn't feel like Halloween."  Life is just so different when you lose a little person you love so much.  It takes so much time to adjust.  So many tears, so much sadness and so much reflection on what matters in life. We know that Gabrielle wants us to make the most of our time on earth together so we are doing our best to keep going everyday, being grateful for health, love and for all the wonderful things we have in this life.

Gabrielle: you gave our family the most amazing gift ever and we will always honour what you taught us.  Your spirit is alive and big in our hearts and in our family.  We love you little angel.  Keep looking out for us Gabrielle... until we are together again.

I love you.

Our last Halloween with Gabrielle - 2012.

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