Saturday, April 5, 2014

RIP Charlie

A little boy Charlie lost his fight with I-cell this morning and we are so deeply saddened by this loss.  I found out the news while laying on the couch in the bright sun this afternoon and I just layed there and cried.  I cried for Charlie's parents because the pain is all too unbearable.  Charlie's sister Amber also had I cell disease and passed away last May, a month before Gabrielle.  And just like Gabrielle, he seemed to be doing so well.  So happy and strong and on a roll, just like our little girl.  No parent should ever experience this pain, and this young couple is experiencing this pain again.  It breaks me up.  It's just not right.

RIP Charlie.  You are running free now, free of pain and free of I-cell disease.  I will pray for your mommy and daddy as they try to learn to live without you.  They will miss you terribly.  Please pray for this family as they grieve and try to make sense of losing both their children.

Charlie and Amber

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  1. Such immense pain for these dear parents. Aiden and I will pray for them as we also continue to keep you and your family in our thoughts and prayers. God bless!