Saturday, February 12, 2011

Look At This Team

Gabrielle has been the luckiest little girl when it comes to the attention she's received here at B.C. Children's Hospital. From the day she was born she has had specialist after specialist helping her and contributing to the master plan to make her as healthy and happy as possible.

We've also come to appreciate how incredible doctors and nurses are. Not only do they have some serious skills, but they're all really good people. I just may become one of those parents who wants his kids to become doctors.

Above and below are pictures of some of the members from the B.C. Children's medical team who have been working with Gabrielle. Some key people are missing, and some were just reviewing her file that day; however, and nevertheless, she's a lucky girl.

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  1. so glad ryan was able to spend the day with regan and gabrielle, we're thinking of you all and wishing her a speedy and hugs! xoxo