Thursday, February 10, 2011

I think every father hopes their children will view them as a hero of some sort. Especially fathers of daughters. I know I've always hoped for that.

To share something personal, I always imagined myself playing my daughters Bron Yr Aur on my acoustic guitar ... somewhere in the mountains ... with the wind rustling the leaves ... and the leaves screaming "we're alive!"

It's funny how life pans out. Sweet Gabrielle isn't able to hear leaves blowing in the wind. She won't be able to appreciate the melody of this song in the way I imagined. And that's okay. Because it just is. How could it be anything else?

I guess what I'm trying to say is that Gabrielle's my hero. I'm not hers. She's taught me more about life than I ever could have taught my children otherwise.  Life is raw. Life is.

How wonderstruck Gabrielle is by so little. Her infancy, innocence, and fragility is, in my opinion, heroic. You are my hero, Gabrielle. You knew we would name you that, for you have the strength of every god incarnate.

Wonder: what a wonderful word.

Thank you Gabrielle. Bron Yr Aur will forever remind me of you, and the wonder you've inspired me with.


  1. I love that Regan! You ARE Gabrielle's biggest hero and you are the best dad! She is lucky to have you,

  2. Thank you for this essential reminder of what is. Our expectations change everything and always get in the way of just being. And oh what equanimity awaits us when we let go of all that we thought should happen and welcome the moment just as it is.
    I listened to this beautiful piece of music with Ainge and he asked me "where are the words?" to which I replied "we make our own".
    I am listening, we are listening.
    Thanks Gabrielle & Regan for the music.

  3. Beautiful Regan, you will always be her hero and she yours. It is amazing how they can teach us so much without even knowing thay they are. She is a very special little girl with a wonderful mommy and daddy and two big brothers who love her so much and would do anything for her. We hope she is feeling a little better today and that she is being kept compfortable while @ children's. I wish there was something more we could do. Thank you for keeping us updated on her progress i know it can't always be easy. Love you guys! xx