Sunday, February 6, 2011

On the mend...

Gabrielle is finally on the mend after having such a nasty cough, pink eye, runny nose, low grade fever etc. The poor little girl was not feeling well at all, but thankfully, is starting to get her colour back and looking a little happier. Her little body has such a hard time clearing all the mucus and she worked so hard at trying to cough it out. Her body must be sore.

I found this poem posted by one of the mom's who I've 'met' on our FB I-cell support group. She also has a little girl who has the same disease as Gabrielle and they live in Newfoundland. Although I haven't met her (the mom), she seems pretty special and her little girl is so adorable.

There are definitely good and bad days and as we gear up for her stem cell transplant at the end of the month, I am finding that most days I feel saddness that won't go away. I have found some amazing poems that really describe how I feel as I find it so hard to find the words to express the whirlwind emotions.

~I Chose You~

I came to this world to fulfill part of God's great plan
I chose you as my parents, knowing you would understand.

It takes someone with an unyielding faith,
strong, loving, full of grace

To understand all it takes to be me
For only you , my true beauty & worth could see

You'll laugh with me, love me, make me smile, hold me in your arms
if just for a while.

Pushed to your limits I know you will be, as together the world we teach of God's
compassion for humanity.

Such an important life changing message I was sent to bring
My help could not be just a random thing.

I needed parents who could be my voice,
So you see You were the only choice !

Thank You Gabrielle for choosing us, you've taught us more than you could imagine.

Here is a cute little video of Gabrielle a few weeks ago sitting in her Bumbo chair on the counter amidst all the mess!

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  1. I will never forget that first night at Grandma and Papa's when she sat in that Bumbo chair and flashed me the biggest, "gummiest", and cutest smile! She was so thrilled with herself, it was hilarious!
    I love you Gabrielle, you are my most favorite, special niece in the whole world :) !!!