Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Hi Everyone,

Gabrielle was ambulanced from Langely Memorial Hospital to BC Children's hospital so that the best medical team available can monitor her bout of pneumonia. Gabrielle's state slipped a little bit the morning after Amy's "on the mend." Ironic thing about this condition: nothing's for certain.

Tonight she's doing well and Amy's staying over night with her. The phlegm, coughing, and fatigue, however, need to be monitored, especially with her I-Cell predisposition.

As up and down and exhausting as this all is, we're doing well. Thanks to so many of you for your well wishes and prayers.

Here's a picture of the whole family at Langely Memorial last night. The photographer was none other than the hospital's very own Dr. Benjamin Ross (Jimmy and Mickey's funny uncle).


  1. You are in my thoughts Ross family. A special prayer goes out to Gabrielle - may she kick the pneumonia soon! You have an ocean of support behind you. Love, Riall

  2. Good Morning everyone =) I hope the night went well Amy and that Gabrielle is getting better and better. I can't imagine how "time stands still" as you all rally to help her fight off such a big infection. We are all thinking of you and sending you love and chants and prayers.
    Loves and hugs and kisses

  3. Good morning, How is Gabrielle feeling today? We hope everyone managed to have a good sleep. We are thinking postive thoughts, white lighting and praying Gabrielle gets better soon. Thank you Regan for keeping us updated,
    Sending so much love,
    Paula xx

  4. we are thinking about you all the time...ryan will try to get up there tonight to see gabrielle and maybe i will get to as well, not sure...? hope she's doing better today...lots of love...xoxo

  5. Good Morning-I hope you had a great night and little Miss G is on the mend. As always, we are all here cheering you on. I wish I could invent some kind of bubble to keep Miss G safe from all the germs while at ths same time allowing you all to interact without fear of contamination. Alas...I am not a science whiz of any kind so I will just keep you all in my prayers and enjoy all the small victories as they come. Hugs as always!

  6. Thanks guys! Word from the hospital is she's doing better. We'll do our best to keep everyone posted.

  7. Hello you gorgeous family. Oh my god I only just found this blog and have reread through all the old posts... SO amazing! I always knew Regan and Amy were cool, but I never knew they were this incredible! Your strength, compassion, endurance and hope is such awesome inspiration. Thankyou so much for keeping us up to date. I soooooo want to give you both a huge hug, pinch those two CHEEEEEKY looking boys and fill that gorgeous Gabrielle with all the good energy I can summon :) Stay strong you guys - will be thinking of you and hanging out till your next update! LOADS OF LOVE!!!!!

  8. I will never get tired of watching the videos you've posted on here. You two are incredible people and you have such a wonderful family. I catch myself wishing you guys all of the strength in the world but then quickly remember the strength you already have within you.

    I love you guys. Sending you even more strength, courage, love and happy thoughts from all the way over here...

    Kelly xo

  9. Hi Ross Family,

    I know that we have talked about the whole religion thing as we both believe in a higher power, so I am down on my knees asking for that higher power to send all the strength and courage "my hero" Boo had to get little Gabrielle better and to continually feed your Hope... it is too soon for her to be sick! Please Regan if you feel like talking give me a call this weekend.. 303-884-0235. Love You All!

  10. That is a great, great pic - I'm still debating who wins the best smile award.