Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Day Minus 8

In 4 (instead of 12) doses of Busulfan (chemo) - each spread over 8 hours - Gabrielle reached the levels the doctors wanted her to get to. The doctors were quite surpised, but thought it might have to do with her cells' inability to store waste. 

Last night Gabrielle's stomach was cramping to the point of concern, and she had a series of seizures through the night that have sent some more alarm bells off. While these are relatively common symptoms, they're tough to watch her endure, especially the seizures.

Amy and I switch every day in the afternoon. One of us leaves home at 3pm and arrives by 4pm, the other leaves the hospital at 4pm to be home for 5pm. We want to be home for dinner, bath, stories, and bed for the boys.

This is a letter from Gabrielle's Grandma (my Mom), who's basking in the sun in Mexico, but probably wishing she was here:

This is my very favorite picture of Gabrielle, she looks so beautiful and peaceful.I'm thinking  and praying for her and  all of you lots. 
God Bless. 

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  1. Ahhh...Gabrielle, I love this picture. You look so peaceful. I can't wait to be with you tonight.