Thursday, March 17, 2011

Day Minus 7 ~ St. Patrick's Day

Gabrielle had her first bath since being admitted 6 days ago. Nurse Jen was awesome!

Today Jimmy and Mickey got to see their little sister, and shared their "I miss you" cards that Elena - the best nanny in the whole world - helped them make earlier in the day.


  1. I so love giving her a bath. She really loves it and kicks up a storm.

  2. I wish I could give you both a big hug right now (and all 3 kids of course!) My thoughts are always with you guys. I am very excited and anxious to meet Gabrielle. We'll talk soon and I am sending Danielle out your way again soon (she gets in the way of me and the girls 3 day pizza and rootbeer binges)

    Love you all lots and can't wait to see you again, Eric (also known as GP's FINEST!)

  3. I love, love, love those videos!!!!! Thanks for posting them! Elena is awesome, I'm so glad you guys have such a caring person helping you out. Maybe Yell and I will have to coordinate a visit. We'll talk...
    Love you all TONS and thank you for keeping us updated.

  4. loved the visit we had with little Gabby last nite, she's looking great and feisty as ever and will be home before we know it.

    We've got lots of hockey to watch this spring and uncle Ryan's lap is reserved for his little niece to cheer for their favorite team!
    Love you Gabrielle.

  5. I love these sweet videos. And I am definitely sending Marc your way as well. Totally my idea =) He is very excited to get there and kept me awake laughing last night after your conversation Reg.You two together have always made me smile.
    We miss you guys.

  6. Gabrielle looked so comfortable and content when we saw her last night, so glad to have a cuddle! I love her in the bath video, she is the most precious little girl ever...I love her so much!

  7. dear Amy, Regan & Your Precious Loves.
    since I became aware of your Gabrielle thru Linda B-Ross. (I am Louise Ross married to one of Ben Uncles). Followed your blog & videos. great joy in your family & tears for the hardships. So precious, all my heartfelt hopes & wishes go out to Your FAMILY. I send all the POSITIVE ESP your way. On my mind & heart. Gabrielle is such a Beautiful, bright little gal. Your family so delightful. May this future be blessed with the very best of health. All of your family,together,in the many years ahead.
    Louise Ross xo xo xo xo xo

  8. @ Louise, you inherited a wonderful name! Thanks so much for your comments.

    @ Tara, awesome! How does June sound?

    @ Eric & Ryan: the 3 of us need to take her to a Canucks vs. Oilers game when she's a bit older.

    @ Jane, Steph, Michelle: love you guys too!