Saturday, March 19, 2011


It's funny how we use the term disillusioned. We use it to describe someone who doesn't have a grip on reality.

Ironically, none of us want to be victims of illusions, but when we say someone's disillusioned, we're using the same prefix we use for disease. It doesn't make sense. It's nice to be at ease, but not to have a disease.

So none of us want to be disillusioned. But none of us want to victims of illusions. WTF?

I can tell you this: Gabrielle's plight has shattered a gazillion of my assumptions, changed several of my life goals, and opened my eyes to many wonderful things that were previously omnipresent but unaware to me, and my heart aches thinking that it took Gabrielle to dis-illusion me.

I don't know what the purpose of this post is. Amy and I encourage the other to post when the other is at the hospital in hopes we'll wake up to some sort of exciting news. And we love the comments and all the support. So I guess I'm talking to Amy, and relaying our conversation today about how tragically fortunate we are. I know (Amy) we would both trade all these insights in + all the money in the world for Gabrielle's health, but that ain't happening.

So here we are.


Better for it.

With hearts breaking.


  1. dear Regan, 'Y' & Amy, my heart goes out to you both.prefix 'dis',is used re disease in many recovery programs. Such a wrenching time for 'Y' both re your sweet little girl. Keeping your Sons in as normal family life. I send my trust all will be well. Be so careful, both of you..all the communting..the other drivers. My wishes for your safe journey thorought these times. Thinking of 'Y' Both. All My Best,
    Louise R

  2. we i-cell mommies and daddies live in a world of re-adjusted dreams, optimistic hope, and tested faith. I only wish Chris and I were closer to you all so we could be of real support. Praying for all to go smoothly for Gabrielle and that you take the time to enjoy your other kiddos while she is in recovery. It's a delicate balancing act, but there is always one more story they want read or one more funny picture they want taken. We send you our love and thank you for letting us follow your journey.
    -Chris, Mercedes, Ben, Alex and super ML2 studs Dorian and Wynn. :)

  3. @ leross: thanks so much for your well wishes.

    @ Mercedes: wouldn't it be great if we were all closer! I would love Dorian and Wynn to meet Gabrielle. Thanks for the balancing act advice, we're definitely finding the other boys to be clingy as of late ... funny how kid scan sense when things are off, even though they can't put it into words.