Saturday, March 19, 2011

Day Minus 6

Gabrielle had a really great day yesterday and enjoyed a visit with Grandma and Papa (my parents) in the afternoon.  She looked healthy, was smiling and talking away.  She began her next round of chemo medications (cyclophosphomide) and because of the possible risks with the medications we were moved upstairs to the BMT floor so that she can be monitored much more closely.  Today they will add another chemo drug (ATG) as part of the preparatory regiment for transplant.

Some 'exciting' highlights from the last 24 hours:
  • Gabrielle managed to pull out her NG tube out of her nose and it happend so fast that I just stared in disbelief at her tubeless nose before frantically pushing the call button for nurse Gino to come to the rescue
  • I pulled Gabrielle into my bed and snuggled all night with her
  • I enjoyed every minute with Regan before we officially 'tagged' one another in 'duties'
  • I was so relieved all day long that Gabrielle was feeling well and loved watching her play

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  1. So happy to hear she's feeling well praying she continues to do better!! She is so adorable!!