Friday, May 6, 2011

Day + I've-lost-track

Today is day + 43 and Gabrielle's counts are great.  In fact, if we weren't faced with her respiratory issues right now I am confident that we would be getting discharged very soon.  Gabrielle is having good and bad days and is getting help twice a day from the physiotherapists who are helping Gabrielle get rid of all the mucus in her lungs by suctioning, and repositioning to produce coughing.  My little girl is working very hard to breathe at certain points in the day and is getting very tired.   She was so tired yesterday she could barely muster a cough.  All of us, including James and Michael, are learning big lessons about patience and it is very difficult to see my Gabrielle like this.

We too are getting tired.  Too tired to even write much most nights when I get home.  The hospital is so busy and when I get home I try to give what energy I have left to my boys.  To all those who have called and emailed... thank you.  I really appreciate you 'sticking your nose in' and checking in with Regan and I.  The support is very much needed.  I am so glad we have this blog so that we can at least keep you up to date on Gabrielle's progress.

On a very exciting note:  we got the results from her chimerism test (testing the DNA in her periphery blood) and it showed that Gabrielle is 86.5% engrafted with donor cells!   Yay Gabrielle!!!

We will keep you all posted on her progress.

Love to you all,


  1. Praying everyday she kicks this respiratory thing!! Praying for a boost of energy for all of you too! Sending our love

  2. See I told you those Italians have good cells!!!! I will keep praying for those lungs. Thinking of you lots!!!!!

  3. I am so elated that Gabrielle's donor cells are as high as they are! Way to go Gabrielle! Keep working up the mucus little one, we know you can do it and are thinking of you always. :)

    Amy - we hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day. You are an amazing mom and always an inspiration to me.

    We LOVED the video you posted. Big hugs and kisses from all of us here in Edmonton. We love you guys so much and wish we were closer to help out.
    Love Auntie Stephie, Uncle Jamie, Ethan and Charlie

  4. It was so good to see Gabrielle on Friday...looking forward to my next cuddle!