Monday, May 9, 2011

Why I Chose You Mommy


I think by now you know that I'm not a random accident, and you're not my Mommy randomly.

I think by now you know that you were meant to be my Mommy from the day you were born.

I think by now you know that I wouldn't be alive right now if it wasn't for you (and not because you're my Mommy and you made me, but because you felt that something wasn't right the day I was born and went to the hospital, even though I wasn't supposed to arrive for 10 more days, and even though there was no "good" reason for you to go).

You're the best Mommy in the whole world, and - even though this is a day late after Mother's Day - here are my Top 10 reasons I chose you:

10. You're so strong and pretty.

9. You always think about me and my brothers before anyone else, or anything else (and remind Daddy to do the same).

8. You have the best smile.

7. I knew you would be able to grow with me and handle all the challenges I bring with style and grace.

6. Wherever you take me, you make it feel like home.

5. You always hold my hand and look me in the eyes and tell me everything's going to be okay, no matter what's happening to me and how tough it is.

4. I knew you had a big enough heart to fill me and my brothers up with love and goodness each and every day, even at bath & bedtime through this transplant.

3. You give the best cuddles. 

2. You always make me feel like I'm the most important person in the whole wide world, even though you love me just the same as my brothers.

1. You always call me an angel, but really - without knowing it - you're the most beautiful and loving angel a little girl like me could ever ask for in a Mommy.


  1. It is so wonderful to appreciate the qualities of your spouse and celebrate them.

  2. very touching, and very true. Amy is the strongest mom I have ever known...and still smiling. so inspiring and humbling. xoxo