Monday, June 6, 2011

Day +75 ~ At Home Update

Being at home is great, but being at home is crazy. As messed up as it sounds, there's a part of us that misses pressing a button at night when the beeps, cries, and buzzers sounded knowing well-trained nurses would whisk into the room and deal with the issue at hand.

While much of the exhaustion is due to having a 4-yr-old, 22-mo-old, and 8-mo-old in the house, Gabrielle and all the meds, central line care, NG gravity feeds, and oxygen tanks definitely add to the grind.

While we sit on the couch right now (Amy, James, Gabrielle, and I), Amy looked up at all the parenting books on the bookshelf and said, "You know, not one of those baby books could have prepared us for this. Not one." It's true.

So here's the end-product of what we have energy for right now, with the thanks of our laptop:

Funny faces:

And James talking:

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