Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Video Overview of Lysosomal Storage Diseases

I find it absolutely amazing that there are entire universes of activity right within our bodies. I can't help but think lysosomal storage diseases are hundreds of millions of years old, affecting all sorts of reptiles and mammals, given their elemental, cellular nature.

I wish I paid more attention to this in high school science so I could talk to the doctors more about Gabrielle's condition, but it was tough because we had to sit at lab tables with stools that were too high so you couldn't fit your legs under them and then your but would get numb and our Indian-exchange-teacher wouldn't let us stand up so by the 7th minute I couldn't concentrate at all and focused more on testing out different sitting positions to help the 72 minutes go by easier. I got 56% in Biology 11 with the stools (when we studied genetics) and 89% in Biology 12. Amazing what proper desks (and a hot study partner who I could never beat on exams) does for achievement.

Anyway, here's the video:

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