Thursday, June 9, 2011

Day+78 ~ Back at Children's Hospital

So on Amy's third day trip to the hospital this week with Gabrielle, the doctors decided her oxygen saturation levels weren't good enough to let her go home. Three nights ago she was grey/pale, a pretty good sign she was de-satting badly. We didn't know without a monitor. She also wasn't eating and was throwing up what we did feed her. With hindsight, the doctors thought her sat-levels were low enough that her body was forgoing food for the higher priority of oxygen. It's a theory, but it fits her symptoms presentation.

Long/short: the cause of her set-back is a mystery, but the reality is she needs more hospital care. Hopefully it's a short stay.

Here's a little bedtime song from Amy, James, and Michael, sung on Gabrielle's first night back at the hospital. Enjoy.


  1. I am so sorry to hear that Gabrielle is back in hospital. I do have to say that is the cutest lullaby from her brothers, it brought tears to my eyes!!!

  2. I love how much James and Michael love their little sister...they are so gentle and kind with her.
    I too, hope it's not a long stay...
    Much love