Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Gabrielle, 11 months old

A snapshot of you at 11 months.

We have had the best summer at home, and you are getting stronger with each passing day.  You are trying so hard to sit up and can sit really well (when assisted).  I sit you in this little half donut seat, and you love watching us as you play with your toys.  The physiotherapist showed me today how to support you in a standing position and, when I did, you were beaming!  You looked so proud of yourself and it was as if you were saying 'Finally... I can stand!'.

When you beam like that Gabrielle, you fill me up with so much love and joy and laughter.  I love it!

You are still a little bean and weigh 6 ounces more then what James weighed at birth!  Your hair is growing thanks to being weaned off those nasty steroids. Your oxygen levels are getting better too.  By September 29th they plan to have you off oxygen completely!

What a miracle!

You amaze me every day sweet girl with your strength, smiles and your wisdom.

This past weekend we went on a very last minute trip to the Sunshine Coast – our first family vacation!  The weather was scorching hot, one of our nurses got all your meds and equipment ready, we got the boys ready, and we were off on our adventure.

You loved all the attention from your cousins who loved holding you, lying beside you on the bed, passing you toys, and doing anything they could to help!  My favourite memory was when your cousin Max laid beside you, playing with you, realized you were getting tired, and stayed with you until you fell asleep, and then quietly left the room.  So sweet.

Happy 11 months baby girl.  I can't wait to pick you up and hold you tomorrow.  I hope you're having sweet dreams.



  1. Happy 11 months sweet baby Gabrielle! Love you and your smile!!

  2. Love that sweet little girl!! XO

  3. Happy 11 months Gabrielle!!! Love the video of you and I can't wait to come visit with you. So excited to race with your Mama this Sunday!!!

  4. Amy, she made me smile!! Hope the oxygen wean goes well. Sounds like you may have some good nurses with you. We have had mixed ones over the years but we have a few good ones from Bayshore right now! Maybe we will bump into each other one day.

  5. Gabrielle is such a sweet happy girl!! She brings us all joy and happiness to be around her!! She is precious!! Xoxo