Sunday, September 11, 2011

A Quick Update: End of Summer

Summer ended with a beautiful new addition to our extended family in the form of a neice: Ember Raine Baldwin. Congratulations to Ryan and Michelle ... and such a reminder to all of us that life really is a miracle.

Ember Raine Baldwin

Gabrielle's health has steadily improved since being discharged from the hospital two months ago. While her prognosis hasn't changed for the upcoming winter, her lungs, strength, and (we'd like to think) her post-transplant immune system are all improving. Amy's been going to BC Children's lots and the doctors are pleased with Gabrielle's progress.

Gabrielle, our little fighter

Quite truthfully, the day-in / day-out has been challenging, and for no one more than Amy. She's been so amazing with Gabrielle and all her medical needs (2 hrs in the morning, 1 hr at night, changing oxygen tanks, drawing meds, etc.) and Amy's patience for her has shown no bounds. While I can imagine, I truly don't know where and how mothers of these babies find their strength. It's different for moms. I get that now. And when things are good and everyone's healthy, it's fun for us guys to complain about the 6th gear women slip into once the babies come (which they brilliantly conceal from us during the dating years), but sometimes things with kids don't always go well, and I love and appreciate how my wife (at least) never let's Gabrielle drift from her thoughts (like I often do), always ready and willing to do what needs to be done. It's an amazing thing, really.

Amy & Gabrielle ~ Summer 2011

The boys and I escaped to Davis Bay (thanks Ben and Julie) for a father-son getaway at the end of August, allowing Amy and Gabrielle to stay home and have a mother-daughter weekend. It was awesome, and as I posted on Facebook,
Daddy-style kid trips are the best: no cooler full of groceries, no planned meals, no talking while eating. Add that to the Book of Awesome.
Here's a few of pics:

All you can eat Chinese buffet 

Swimming at Porpoise Bay

Baba / ice cream sleepy stroller ride

And, best of all, the summer ended with a respite trip to Canuck Place. It really is becoming our second home, full of people who understand what it is we're going through, either because they're living it themselves, or because they see it every day. We are so lucky to have been invited into the Canuck Place community. Here are some pictures from our last staycation:

Gabrielle at Canuck Place, Sept. 2011

Amy & Gabrielle during Sept.11 Canuck Place respite 

Regan & Gabrielle

The Ross Family

Thanks again, everyone, for all of your support. While sometimes we feel all alone, we know we're actually not. And that means so much, especially as we see the seasons starting to change, knowing the warm weather will give way to the cold, chilly, flu season of fall and winter.  Thank you.


  1. Trent and Deni Brotherton are two of my closest friends (parents of Carter) and I am so thankful that they post updates of all of the children that inspire me everyday to be strong and live life to the fullest and enjoy every day I have with my children. You all are my heros.

  2. Hi Kate, thanks so much for your kind words – they means a lot. Funny the effect just sharing can have. Would be great to make it down to Bronco country and meet the whole Carter clan one day. Take care!

  3. I'm only getting a chance to catch up on the blog now, great summer update and thank u for the mention of congrats and for the photo of ember.
    You guys had a great summer!