Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Dear Elena, Thank You

Last January, only weeks before Gabrielle's stem-cell transplant, we knew we needed help and we decided to hire an au pair to be with the boys as Regan and I took turns being at home and staying with Gabrielle at the hospital.

We hired Elena Weaver, from Derby, England.

Elena. World traveller. Adventurer. Music lover. Friend across the globe.  The Ross Family's new au pair.
= = =   
Dear Elena, 
I think our farewell card to you summed up just how much your time here meant to us. To our family. How it allowed our boys to live a life at home, playing instead of driving back and forth to/from the hospital for 3 hours every day.  
I think we told you how you allowed us to stay sane. You being you allowed us to rest and catch our breath at least a few times a week. We trusted you like we would trust a family member. We never worried about our boys when you had them on your own. Every day. You don't know how much that helped. How much it saved us.  
I don't think we told you, though, how much we loved having you in our house. We loved knowing you went downstairs every night well-fed. We loved knowing you were out meeting friends. We loved knowing you were just in the house. You became a huge part of our family. You are family.   
It's been a week since you've left. We love your Facebook status updates and we (OMG) still hope to live vicariously through you and all your adventures (keep us in the loop!).   
But the house feels empty. A family member has left. The one person who had endless and unwavering patience for all of us (especially our boys) through transplant and the recovery months is gone. You were the keel that prevented us from capsizing.
Thank you,   
Thank you.  
= = = 
Elena Weaver, from Derby, England, went home after spending 9 months with us in our home. When she arrived, we thought she was a cute 20-something gal with a wonderful accent and great personality. When she left, we realized she's got enough love and talent and personality to move mountains. 

As J.R.R. Tolkein wrote, "There's more about you than maybe even you know." 

And as just everything comes and goes in this world and all our lives, all of us – despite how sad we've been to see you leave – are so incredibly grateful that you came into our lives.

Elena.  Family Saver. Lover of children and weekend nights.  Embodiment of patience. Artist. Elena.

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