Sunday, October 23, 2011

Gabrielle's 1st Birthday

The sun was shinning bright for Gabrielle on her 1st birthday.  We woke up at Canuck Place to balloons and happy birthday signs throughout the house as well as birthday cake after lunch. There was something so magical and beautiful as I listened to 20 people or so, alongside James and Michael, singing happy birthday to my Gabrielle.  I was so choked up as I was flooded with a year's full of memories and emotions and I was so grateful to be sitting with my daughter on her 1st birthday.  One of the staff members bought her a really cute cake that she could tuck right into, but Gabrielle was very dainty and was only interested in a bit of the red icing.   Here are a few of my favourite pictures from Canuck Place.

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  1. lol! I love the first picture! You can see just a bit of his face tucked in behind everyone, and sure enough, he's trying to blow out the candles! What is with our family and birthday candles!!?? lol!!