Saturday, November 5, 2011


We have had a wonderful fall with so many special, and fun 'firsts' with Gabrielle.   Here are some of my favourite memories from the fall so far.

First commercial with Roberto Luongo

First trip to the ghost train at Stanley Park

First birthday!

First Canuck hockey game!  

First time in exersaucer

First time picking a pumpkin

First tractor ride

First party hangover

As the weather gets colder and winter just around the corner, I look forward to many more memory making days with Gabrielle.

I love you missy moo.


  1. Now that is cute!! I mean... he is cute! I are cute!!!!
    Love you Gabby Gabby :)
    Love Auntie Julie xoxo
    p.s. if you ever need a chaperone for your next commercial you know who to call!

  2. The commercial must be awesome!! Didn't know you got to go to a game too, that's pretty cool! Love the party hangover photo!! Haha, she's too cute!

  3. wow, lots of great memories there! it's too bad we just missed you guys on halloween, we'll have to be sure to catch that xmas train ride together tho!

  4. Such wonderful pictures! Gabrielle is one busy little lady! Great memories for you. xo

  5. Such great photos. I love that Luongo is holding her soother for her!

  6. What a little starlet, so relaxed and cool. "Oh yeah, this is my old friend Robbie, we go waaay back." I wonder if Gabby can get me his autograph?

  7. Read your story in the Peace Arch News just now and felt compelled to write to you. I too agree that children chose their parents and that you are the special ones picked for Gabrielle's short journey into our world. Bless you as I feel your love for your family and everyone else in this world.
    Claire, a mother of 4 children (3 biological boys and my beautifully adopted Korean daughter...they are respectively in their mid-20's and 30's now..

  8. Thank you everyone for your kind beautiful words. I love reading every single one of them. xoxo