Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Gabrielle's One-Year Celebration ~ Thank You

I don't think anything I could write would say it better than below. And I want to share this because our thanks and gratitude extends to so, so many more people than were with us in our house on that special day. Thank you everyone.


  1. It was an event I will cherish. Love Grandma and Papa.

  2. I love this speech, you really do have a way with words.
    P.s Any of those offers still open? I'm thinking more about the million dollars one, or Hawaii, either

  3. Ah shucks, thanks Elena.

    Re. offers, while we're hoping our lotto tickets are winners, what about if we promised that we would introduce you to a few very single, very good-looking Vancouver-based millionaires?

  4. Your speech was so beautiful. Although I wasn't there, I could feel the love in the room when I watched the video. Please know that this blog, and the honesty that goes with it, is with me each day as I try to 'keep it real' with Abigael!