Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Gabrielle Is Improving ... Thanks

Seriously, thanks everyone for your positive thoughts, prayers, and words of encouragement. Again, Gabrielle's fighting spirit nipped a very nasty flu (which has wiped out our 2yr-old boy too) in the bud.

She's still in BC Children's hospital, and given the congestion in her lungs and airways, likely will be for several days ... if not longer. She's regained a lot of her kindred spirit back, which is totally encouraging because we were really worried it could have gone either way two days ago – she was very ill.

Anyway, here are two father-daughter videos I took while with her today. The first one is of me feeding her hospital turkey gravy, and she absolutely LOVED it. I have never heard her coo like this before, and while the moment is always partially lost when the camera/iPhone comes out, you can still see her expressions of gravy satisfaction.

And this one is of her listening to music with the headphones on for the first time. The things you do when you're bored – but she just loved it!

Thanks again everyone ... and here's hoping and praying for a speedy recovery home.


  1. So happy to hear Gabrielle is improving.

    What's she listening to? Hope she has good taste in music!

  2. Thanks Elena! LOL ... thought you might ask. She was chilling to

  3. So cute. Soon she might tackle the mashed potatoes. Relieved she is doing better! What a strong little girl.

  4. Hi Regan and Amy, Been thinking about you guys recently. Glad to hear Gabrielle is doing better.

  5. Hi Regan and Amy,
    I hope your little one keeps progressing. We're thinking about you guys.
    Rob and Cynthia