Monday, January 9, 2012

Gabrielle Quite Sick, in BC Children's

A very bad flu has been in and out of our house for the past month or so, and Gabrielle has gotten this new and nasty strain.

After of a night of tough coughing and laboured breathing, Amy took her to BC Children's Hospital for better medical attention than we can provide at home. She was admitted, and we'll be there for the next few nights for sure.

Please say a little thought or prayer for her if you can. She's a little fighter, and always fights a littler harder knowing there's people in the stands cheering her on.

I hope she's home in a few nights time.


  1. Your sweet girl is in my thoughts, as is your entire family. Sending many healing vibes her way...xx

  2. I will indeed say a prayer you her. Your family in always in my prayers, but an extra one today for sure!

  3. Saw your post Regan last night and started to Pray for Gabrielle. Hang in there and be strong in this scary time. She is truly a fighter and I look forward to hearing when she gets back home. Everyone at the Tiny Light is also thinking about you too. Please pass my love to Amy, the boys, and most of all Gabrielle.

  4. Gabrielle and your family are in our prayers.

  5. Very special people have very special babies. We know how strong prayers and vibes can be and we are definitely sending along ours.

    Spencer's nana and grandpa