Thursday, January 5, 2012


In October, Gabrielle and the boys were asked to be a part of the PSA (public service announcement) with Roberto Luongo at Canuck Place.  Oh yes, this momma played it cool on the phone hiding my complete and utter excitement!  The day was great fun and long!  We were all crammed in with the whole filming crew into one room for about 4 hours while we did take after take.  I didn't mind:)

James started out super enthusiastic showing off for Luongo but after about the 10th take he quickly lost his interest and was DONE.  I love how kids are just so real.  I had a calm pep talk with him and was very close to secretly offering him anything he wanted if he would just do a couple of more shots.  Thank god he agreed before the heavy duty bribing started!

Michael was not at all interested in playing hockey or in meeting Luongo.  It did have a lasting impression on him however, because he is a huge hockey fan now playing hockey any second he can in the basement pretending to be "Melongo".  I think if the filming were now, Michael would be all over it!  

lunch break

"Gabrielle to the set"

Pep talk with James "come on James just one more take"

I can now say we are big Luongo fans!  When we see him on tv the boys get so excited and we love to cheer for him.  After spending the entire afternoon with him at Canuck Place, a place where life is put into perspective, you realize he's just a guy who plays professional hockey.  He was calm, nice and really easy going.  He laughed with the kids, at himself, and made efforts to connect with everyone.   

The little babies had no idea what was going on, the mom's were excited to meet a handsome professional athlete and praying that their babies/toddlers/preschoolers would behave, the older kids were SO pumped to meet this hockey hero and to get their t-shirts signed, but at the end of the day it was so apparent, even to Roberto, who the real heros in the room were.


  1. lol! Look at you in there like a dirty shirt! speaking of shirts - looks like you bought a new one for the occasion ! lol!

  2. Lol. Julie you are such a sister. Of course she bought a new shirt. It's Luongo! Very cool day that you got to have Amy!