Friday, January 6, 2012

Big Milestone for Gabrielle

Gabrielle is now almost 15 months and the other day, I cheered her on as she rolled over for the first time.  

Other parents of children like Gabrielle would understand the monumental moment this was for her and I.  As I cheered her on and talked her through the first time she rolled over, I was so excited for her.  To a little baby girl whose been told that things like walking, talking, crawling will most likely never happen, you can maybe imagine the emotions I felt.    

I am so proud of you Gabrielle.  You rolled over all by yourself and finally figured out what to do with your hand stuck under your stomach.  I laughed and cheered you on with tears rolling down my face;  tears of complete and utter happiness for you.  I love you baby girl - way to go!!


  1. I just want to cheer you on! Forgot I was cheering at the computer!
    So proud of you sweety!! xoxox

  2. YAY!!! What a star!!!
    Love you Gabrielle!!

  3. I was so excited when I saw the title of the blog...well done Gabrielle! You just made my day!

  4. In our world, we call those 'inchstones'. Inchstones are what other people see we see huge milestones......I understand completely.

  5. This video made me want to first put pants on, and then drive to Whiterock and see my beautiful little niece.

    I miss you all like crazy, and think of you all the time. I have now hit the shift button 5 times in preparation for the next sentence, but once again Gabrielle, you have left me speechless. You are too young to realize what an accomplishment that is, as I usually have an smart ass response to everything, but your parents will understand.

    Much love from the Albertan Hulk to James, Micheal and Gabrielle.

  6. Way to go Gabrielle!!!!!!!! So awesome!!!!!

  7. Great job, Gabrielle! We're SO proud of you, and know what a big accomplishment that first roll was! Keep it up!